Link Building

No search engine optimization program is complete without attention to link building. Current search engine algorithms place great emphasis on how many incoming links a site has in determining search engine placement, with some estimating that as much as 45% of Google's ranking methodology is based on links. Once your site content has been optimized, it's time to find out which Internet directories and other authoritative web sites can provide links to your site to help the major search engines accurately rank your site for keywords important to your customers and prospects.

The more high-quality, incoming links you have going to your site, the better your link relevancy rate will be, and thus your search engine positioning. However, link building is not for neophytes. There are many "spammy" sites that will be happy to trade links with you or provide a free or paid link that actually may cause your site to be penalized by the major search engines.

Finding the right types of links takes effort and knowledge of current search engine ranking practices. It's best to work with a qualified SEO firm that can appropriately identify high-quality links for your site and provide link building services.

We provide two options to clients interested in link building.

Link Research

For companies interested in managing their own link building efforts, We offer comprehensive link research that will enable your company to implement its own link building program. This research will examine the incoming links of your primary competitors as well as of those sites that are performing better than yours on the search engines. Additionally, our expert staff of business marketing experts will locate appropriate vertical sites and directories for your link building efforts.

Link Research & Link Building

We also can manage your company's link building efforts completely, conducting the research, implementing links and following up with a Link Strategy Report. The value in participating in this comprehensive program is that link building is not a "one and done" type of project. It takes ongoing effort throughout the year to develop the necessary network of incoming links to improve your search engine position. Most companies lack the personnel to devote this kind of regular effort.